A hidden piece of jewelry inside every candle, bathbomb or sugar scrub.



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Learn How It Works

Why Reveal?

If you are looking for an opportunity to stay home, make money, and actually enjoy what you’re doing, look no further! Reveal sounds like the perfect opportunity for you! Our Advisors are partying, earning a great income while enjoying the comforts and stability of working from home, and they get to share amazing products that everyone loves!

Everyday is a party here at Reveal! We invite you to turn your dreams into reality!! Explore our endless opportunities with Reveal Products and all the exciting and dynamic elements of the business! Not to mention, it’s tons of fun for everyone!

It’s always a party, and never feels like work, when you love what you’re doing, and earning a great income while you’re at it!

How It Works

Live Reveals

Order from your Advisor
and they will reveal
your item LIVE

Your item will be sent in to be quality checked, cleaned & packaged
Receive your Live Reveal
items in approximately
5-7 days.

Reveal At Home

Light your candle and let the aroma fill the room.

Retrieve the foil and see whats inside

Enjoy your stunning piece of jewelry

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Earn Commissions & Bonuses when you sell the things you love!

What People Are SayinG

About Reign Products

Reveal has provided so much for myself as well as my family! My husband and I have been able to travel more in the past few years than ever before! We have been able to make purchases and pay bills without worrying if we have enough money in the bank to cover it. Most importantly, we have gained an amazing family “Ohana”! I have never been part of a company that has always had our backs and truly cares about us! Thank you Reign Products!

Kim Woody

Reign Advisor