Peggy-Sue Winterhalter #396

Emerald Consultant

Wow, that about sums up my adventure with Reveal.

When I quit my Corporate job to leave behind the stress of a nine to five; I never imagined that I could actually stay at home full-time. I have worked Direct Sales my entire life. Until now, I’ve played with businesses, sales and earned the free items I wanted. Those were my goals with all the other companies, I played around with.

When I found Reveal, it was different in so many ways. I always wanted to be a motivational speaker and my mission in life has always been to help others succeed where I have failed. I want to help other to work for themselves and feel free. Free from stress, cubicles, and debt. With God’s help I believe I have trained for this position all my live. I just didn’t realize, I was being trained.

With Reveal, I am succeeding beyond my Dreams, I have hit the clouds and I am not stopping.  I have learned during this journey; in this short life, many do not dream as big as we can, because many haven’t been free enough to see that “we can D.R.E.A.M.”

  • With Persistence and Patience, I believe this journey Pays – #PersistentsPatiencePays.
  • When we learn to set Goals and Expectations we learn to Dream – #GED
  • With Reveal; Bronze IS the Key, the key that unlocks all upper levels; to obtain the Dream – #BronzeIsTheKey