Tammy Propst #475

Emerald Consultant

To ask what Reveal has done for me, is extremely hard to put in words. To say it bluntly, it’s completely changed my life, and to be honest, leaves me in tears when I talk about it.

I can’t put into words what Reveal has done for me and my family. I started this journey just thinking this would be a fun little “hobby” for awhile to maybe make a little money. I literally had no expectations of this growing into what it has for me. In only 10 months I have an awesome team of 215 and continue to hit goals that I never dreamed I would hit. I have built some AMAZING friendships with not only my downline and other Reveal consultants but also with the amazing group of followers I have. I have paid off debt and been able to do things with my family that we weren’t able to do before my Reveal journey. I had the opportunity to go to Reveal and meet the corporate staff and fell in love with every one of them. I saw first hand how things were run there and it made me realize how hard they work and how much they truly care about each of us! I am so thankful for what Reveal has done for me and my family! I am forever grateful!!!