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Our mission is to provide fulfillment through the ways of leadership, friendship, wealth, and empowerment by offering a one of a kind opportunity that is fun, rewarding, and easy to share. We are passionate about providing a better way.

The core of this mission is what has always inspired CEO Amanda Brunson to lead fearlessly as a successful six-figure earner in multiple companies within the direct sales industry. Amanda is a wife to her high-school sweetheart and a mother of 6 children. Ten years ago, she found herself as a full-time student with three babies under the age of 4, and she simply wanted more. Amanda started her first direct sales company and quickly built to the top. A decade later, she had accomplished this multiple times in different companies and had acquired a wealth of knowledge and personal experience in the field as a consultant. In 2016, she challenged herself to not only start over again but this time to weave her inspiration into a new endeavor, allowing her to fulfill this mission on a much larger scale. Reveal was born with the goal of changing lives. With a dedicated and driven team, we have done just that. Amanda remains grounded and centers her focus, based on her own personal experiences, on what she believes Consultants need, want, and deserve from Reveal, and works vigilantly to deliver.

Reveal has transformed the concept of live reveal parties and has set the bar in the direct sales industry by integrating creativity and high-quality products, which are put in the hands of thousands of dedicated individuals to share with everyone they know. We have a business model that allows people of all backgrounds to achieve their dreams and improve their lives, and we are committed to building this to be larger than we ever dreamed possible.

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